HGUC Zaku II (GAND Format) Custom

HGUC 1/144 MS-06GF Zaku II (GAND Format) Custom: images, credits and info

From the Modeler:

Zaku Gundam (GAND-ARM). This is the world line where a Zeon engineer accidentally discovered Permet during the One Year War.

The contents are basically a mix of the Revive version of Zaku and Lfrith Ur. Gund bit is made from junk parts (mass-produced gun cannon’s upper arm and ball vernier, etc.).

Comparison before and after weathering. After washing the whole thing with weathering color and applying a top coat, I added accents with weathering color (multi black and stain brown), chipped it with burnt iron color, and finished with Weathering Master.

Work by Ryo10000