HGUC GM Displace (Mixing build)

Amazing Mixing Build HGUC 1/144 RGM-79DP GM Displace. Many images, wip, info and credits

From the Modeler:

Premium Bandai 3 GM mixing
Modified as an assault type with excellent stealth characteristics based on GM Spartan, Jesta (Shezarr Squad B specification), and Black Rider.
This is my personal machine, based on the world of builds such as the anime Build Metaverse.

GM Spartan was originally a kit with fine details, so I was particular about improving the details by using RG parts and adding stripes to make the other parts blend in well.

The main weapons are a beam assault rifle made by mixing and a live ammunition assault rifle.
Equipped with many spare magazines, it is good at scattering tactics at medium range.

The combination of Steelyard and Minovsky particle dispersal pods provides high stealth performance both visually and electronically.

The right arm is equipped with a beam blade borrowed from Dilanza.
This is my favorite weapon, which has become more familiar and cool than I expected.

Also, I tried to blend in the Mercury kit with points such as using H Sturm for the shield on the left shoulder.

Because it uses parts from the Kyoukai Senki, the arms can be moved up to the hand.
Some of the coloring and details are based on Full Armor Gundam.

The propellant tank-like part on the back can actually be used as a rifle bit. I tried to add a bit of build-like playfulness to this area!

Base kit trio.
Well, I’m not sure whether Black Rider can be called GM or not, but I don’t care.

Roughly mixed stage.
It has a large body with a Spartan body, Jesta limbs, and Black Rider details.

Rifle mixing.
Processed based on Jesta and Spartan respectively.
The necessary parts were transplanted from the Kyoukai Senki kit to fit the Kyoukai Senki weapon latch, and the grip was borrowed from the Beam Magnum so that the rifle could be held with either left or right hand.

Progress on the way.
I scrapped this combination of land type and Jesta shield at the very last minute.
I think it was a little too thick to wear on the shoulder.

The final stage of processing after adding other parts and adding details.
The chest armor was filled with RGν Gundam, giving it a much more rugged look.

Work by 若菜もぐどり
@ blade10_02guns on X