Gunpla Diorama: HGUC Geara Doga Kai

“Assault!!” HGUC 1/144 Geara Doga diorama custom build: images, info and credits

From the Modeler:

This is a modified Geara Doga that is a mixture of HG Geara Doga and Kampfer.
I was able to pass the first round of the Orazaku Championship on my first attempt at vignette.

My style is brush painting + weathering, but if the weathering is too harsh, it tends to get dark, so for this work I painted everything with a dry brush.
By adding highlights, you can now clearly see the details.

The destroyed building uses 100 uniform styrene boards and accessory cases.
The building rubble beneath the feet is also made of styrene board, and the fine crumbs are made of zeolite. This was also found in the pet supplies section of the 100 yen shop

For painting, I applied Tamiya’s scenic texture, light gray, dark gray, and weathering colors while paying attention to the impression of the seal. 
The fences, pipes, and guardrails on the roof of the building are small railroad model items.

If I were to make a diorama or vignette of buildings and rubble, the color tone would inevitably be too gray, so I used the center line of the road, Geara Doga’s assault rifle casings, and the burnt-out bus as accents.

Geara Doga used the Russian Green color modulation set.

100 yen display base
The power pipes on the neck, torso, and shins have been changed to spring pipes.

Work by 整備兵A ⬇️