MG 1/100 Guncannon Evo 2 custom

Amazing 70% scratch build MG 1/100 Guncannon Evo 2: images, wip, info and credits

I tried modifying the guncannon into a MS that appears in SEED.
It’s 70% scratch.It took about 10 months to create, starting from thinking about the design.I probably won’t do it again in the future.

To be honest, the original model has not been preserved except for the cannon and shoulder parts.Actually, I tried to modify the cannon, but I decided against it because the design almost no longer resembles a gun cannon.
This machine is actually a mix of MG Guncannon and MG Gundam 2.0, but you can hardly tell it’s Gundam.The school bag part and the internal frames of the legs are parts that were transplanted from Gundam.The parts attached to the left and right sides of the school bag are Gundam parts.

At first it was this tricolor color, but I decided to repaint it after all.

The Guncannon’s arms are thick, so when I cut it down to the ideal size, the exterior parts were gone. Ah, scratches.

Add a SEED-style collar and change the bust. If you chase after your ideal, everything will end up being a scratch.

I use rulers for most of my scratch plastics.The reason is…I won’t talk about it long enough, so I’ll omit it.I use rulers a lot, so they’re as heavy as superalloy.

I also modified the rifle. I think it looks more impressive, what do you think? If the exit of the beam was made thicker, it would be more powerful, but I can’t scratch anymore…

Work by あっきん
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