MG Barbatos FSS Mortar Headd custom

MG 1/100 Gundam Barbatos FSS Mortar Headd Style: info, credits, images and wip too

[FSS モーターヘッド風]
BANDAI MGバルバトス S:1/100

MG Barbatos. Following Qubeley, I want to make it look like Mortar Headd! I bought it just for that reason. It was pre-assembled, and Wow, it’s done! Multiple small parts were hooked together without using adhesive and fixed like woodwork… I thought, “It’s going to be weird as it is…”・However, when it comes to colors, accessories, and extensions in various places, I don’t think I can take a closer look at it and be completely satisfied with it after it’s completed… So, I’ll stick to my original intention and make it look like Mortar Headd!

[Overall concept] Gundams these days are all a mess. To give it a Mortar Headd feel, I want it to have a smooth exterior and a rugged feel to the frame. Quite the opposite of the standard “improve detail by adding lines”, let’s create a wider surface by erasing lines and marks like switches on clear parts. Now, what about the color? I don’t like the red, blue, and yellow colors like Gundam. Is it all blue like Neptune? Black like the Black Knight. Well, in the world of Gundam, he looks like a badass. I feel like the red one is more of a supporting role mech, so it’s a little weird…

I guess it’s all white with only the maroon color, like the Engage SR1. The maroon color is blue, with a bit of Gundam feel. In the previous Qubeley pattern, the white color is matte, the mechanical color is all glossy, and the maroon color is candy. So, by painting the main color in different shadings, I lost the wide area to create sharpness, so I kept it to a minimum.

■High heels are a must. Can the genuine parts be turned over and used?

■I also want crampons.
■The instep of the foot is thin. I’ll cut off the toe and change the angle, and then I’ll work on it.
■It feels weird to have two tiered toes. I don’t think I’ll be concerned about the thinness of the instep if I go one step further.

After erasing the marks and lines, look at the balance with the ankle and think about it.

I think the front center is too angled. I’ll think about whether to delete it later. No extension. I want the armor to be sharp all the way around.
Maybe I should extend the front armor and make it more pointed.

I would like to sharpen the back and extend it to about the back of the knee.

I don’t need a cylinder. They’re relocation personnel somewhere. Set the overall angle to make both sides look thinner and make the center stand out.

I don’t need a backpack. I think it’s okay to leave it as is.
But I would like to make upper arms thinner.

Chin guard and chin are not needed. Let’s cut it. I don’t need the black pattern on the mouth either.

The V-shaped antenna emphasizes Gundam too much. I guess the angle of the antenna was made by folding it back and making it a little thicker. (…)

Work by Shu-1-row