MG Gundam Barbatos Ultor custom

hajime010469’s Amazing Mixing Build: MG 1/100 Gundam Barbatos Ultor. Images, credits and info

A mix of MG Barbatos and Lupus. I aimed for the ideal body type Barbatos by taking the good points of each kit.
Below are the settings.

Ultor is Latin for avenger.
Barbatos was rebuilt using Bael’s data regenerated after the war by Rastal Elion of Gjallarhorn for a “certain purpose”.

It has been confirmed that the assumed passenger of this machine has only one Pierce in the Alayashiki system, and the ability of this machine is at the same level as Mikazuki Augus, the passenger before reconstruction. Since there was a possibility that it would not be possible to fully draw out the brain of a third party, an improved version of the Alaya Sense System TYPE-E, which does not require the brain of a third party, is installed as an auxiliary system.

The assumed passenger of this machine is Ride Mass, and Rastal’s “certain purpose” is the fact that Nobliss Gordon was killed by Ride Mass, and the fact that he used Dainsleif was unearthed, and he himself In order to eliminate the possibility of ending his political life or assassinating Rastal, the existence of this unit is leaked to Ride’s affiliated organization and stolen, and he dares to use this unit to attack Rastal himself, avoiding his own scandal. was to do.

In addition, it has a propaganda aspect to suppress or silence the rise of Tekkadan remnants who know the circumstances at that time by having Julietta Julis, the “maiden who defeated the devil”, kill the ride on this machine again.

Inspired by the iron-blooded MAD video I saw on Youtube, there are a lot of retrofit settings.
Although there are pros and cons about the last of Iron-Blooded, I personally like it quite a bit.

It is a machine that is destined to be destroyed again with a bad aftertaste that does not change even in the sequel.

The initial plan was easy mixing, such as having a GN sword and using own antenna.

In the end, I put neodymium on the forehead so that I could install a Lupus Rex antenna, but I didn’t want to make a Lupus, so I dismantled Barbados’ own antenna and made it a completely different antenna.

I was planning to keep the GN sword until the end, but I liked the sword as a weapon, so it was difficult to use the GN sword because of the excessive weapon load, so I decided not to use it at the very end.

Barbatos’ proportions are pretty good, and I personally think it’s a pretty good kit because it doesn’t have armor parts and can be made quite quickly compared to other Gundam types.

This time I used the clear color from the Ichiban Kuji that I won by chance, but it’s an excellent remodeling body, so you can buy a lot of them.

Work by 家畜に神はいない
@ hajime010469 on Twitter and on Instagram