Custom Build MG Gundam Barbatos “Illusio”

MG 1/100 Gundam Barbatos “Illusio” custom: images, info and credits

From the Modeler:

This is a so-called “Barbatos-like” mobile suit created by former members of Tekkadan by incorporating spare parts of Barbatos into the frame of another MS.

This is a setting where Barbatos’ equipment from the past is used in some places.

Even after Tekkadan was destroyed, that spirit has been inherited by the former members, and it is a machine that exists as a flagship machine for making a comeback on Mars.

The backpack is equipped with a large booster and deployable ultra-high-power electromagnetic projection cannon, the so-called “Dainslave”.

The left shoulder is also equipped with an electromagnetic projection cannon, and if you have the right warheads, it is possible to fire Dainslave twice with ultra-high precision.

The main weapon is a great sword.
In addition to its sharpness, the sword itself is extremely heavy, making it possible to cut off enemy planes frame by frame.
The base uses the same parts as the mace.

The chest is equipped with a beam cannon borrowed from Mobile Armor Hashmal.

The great sword can be mounted on the back when not in use.
High-speed close combat with two long swords is also possible.

The coloring is an asymmetrical pattern that reflects the setting of the pilot and resembles a sunset.

By the way, the MS name “Illusio” means “phantom” in Latin.
I chose the name as appropriate for the setting of this MS, following Latin-derived nomenclature such as Lupus and Rex.

Work by morish/もりっシュ ⬇️