HGUC Schuzrum-Galluss custom

カズ’s HGUC 1/144 AMX-101E Schuzrum-Galluss custom build: images, credits and info

The HGUC Schuzrum-Galluss was refurbished using some Qubeley parts.

The proportions were replaced with Qubeley body parts to extend the torso length. I changed the shape by connecting Qubeley’s crest (?) to the back of the head.

The design is originally unique, but by putting the head forward and hunching over, it gives it a more animal-like feel.

Have a chain mine.

I originally thought it would be a Qubeley-like head and was building it up, but after a completed Qubeley fell and was half destroyed (in tears), I started making it.

The power pipe was designed to extend to the chest, but it was also a hindrance to operation, so the shape was changed to wrap around the back of the head. He looked even worse.

Work by @zws10617 (X account)
aka カズ