Kitbash HG 1/144 Hyaku Shiki

カミオ’s Kitbash HG 1/144 Hyaku Shiki: images, info and credits

I started making it with the intention of showing it at the Build Series Con, so I used Star Build Strike as a base and mixed it with Hyaku Shiki and Basic Trike.

The original trike mask is made into a 100-shiki style, and a 30ms part is placed on the forehead.

Replaced the antenna with a brass wire (although it doesn’t really make sense since it was painted)

As I mentioned above, I was planning to show it at Buildcon, and I wanted to show at least two of them, including this one, but something happened from mid-January, so I couldn’t show even one of them, unfortunately.

The front skirt is from Hyaku-shiki, but the shape is changed using a plastic plate to match Strike’s crotch part.

It’s not interesting to keep the elbow as it is, so I stretched it upwards using the back of the hand and a plastic plate.

I make do with Hyaku-shiki and Strike parts as much as possible.

Work by カミオ
@caim619 on X