1/144 Hyaku Shiki Sniper based on HGUC Revive

gpo144’s 1/144 MSN-X200t Hyaku Shiki Sniper based on HGUC Revive: many images, info and credits

This is an original machine commemorating 200 submissions on Gunsta.

made a mass-produced Hyaku-shiki Kai using HGUC Revive Hyaku Shiki

The base is Revive Hyaku Shiki. I named it “MSN-X200t Hyaku Shiki Sniper” and created an MS with original settings, including a long-range beam rifle and replacing the backpack with a larger one to strengthen the generator.

The long range beam rifle is based on the one from “Gundam Base Limited System Weapon Kit 004” and its shape has been changed.

The red hose connecting the rifle to the backpack is a customized material pipe part from Bandai.
Tristan’s backpack is attached.

For close combat, a normal beam rifle is attached to the back.

As usual, all paint was brush-painted with water-based hobby colors. The blue color is “H15 Indy Blue” and the white color is “XHUG02 Gundam Aerial White.”
Add a thin layer of watercolor paint and finish with a matte top coat.
I use Robo decals except for the AE company logo.

Beautiful work (as usual) by gpo144 (Twitter account)