GGG-DX Mobile Suit Gundam Char Aznable ~Encounter~

In November 2024, Megahouse will release “GGG-DX Mobile Suit Gundam Char Aznable ~Encounter~”. Images and full item description

The biggest GGG item ever is coming!

The prototype for GGG-DX Char Aznable was revealed around summer last year, and has been garnering attention for its unconventional large size. The painted sample is finally finished, so we can show it to you. This is a masterpiece that makes the most of Megahouse’s Figure Works, which excels at precise detail and texture expression.

Scheduled for late November

The first thing that stands out is the size of the figure, but the detailed depiction of the horse’s muscles and veins is so lifelike that it seems to breathe life into it. Every part of the figure is a highlight.

Overall view. It’s so impressive that a photograph looks like a painting. The main character, Char, has been sculpted with meticulous attention to detail, including the texture of the fine decorations.
GGG-DX Mobile Suit Gundam Char Aznable ~Encounter~

Released by Megahouse
36,300 yen, scheduled for late November
1/8, approx. 38cm
Prototype by Igarashi Gen (Pinpoint), Paint by Pinpoint