HGCE Windam Cannon custom build

もりっシュ’s kitbash HGCE 1/144 GAT-04GC Windam Cannon: many images, info and credits

From the Modeler:

HGCE 1/144 Windam Mod “GAT-04GC Windam Cannon” is complete!

I wanted to make a variation of the Windam that didn’t appear in the movie, so I made a medium- to long-range support version.

I mixed the Mercury kit and other parts based on the HG Windam.

The cannon has a detachable additional barrel.

The image shows the long-range artillery version.

The beam cannon sacrifices rapid-fire capability for long-range sniping.
The MS itself is battery-powered, so an additional battery is attached to the backpack.

Standard mid-range combat specs.

Although it is a support MS, it can be used at any engagement distance with a fixed beam cannon, short-range beam rifle, box saber, etc.

Based on the Windam, it is equipped with additional armor.

The mobility lost due to the heavy armor is compensated for by the Aile Striker booster on the backpack. In close combat, it is also possible to perform slashing attacks with the box saber on the arm.

Initially, the front armor was the Windam, but it was replaced with that of the Hobby Hizack.

The coloring is also similar to that of the GM Cannon.

Work by morish/もりっシュ (X account)