1/550 Lalah Sune’s Mobile Armor MAN-08 Elmeth Remodeled

Kaki’s amazing work: Vintage kit 1/550 Lalah Sune’s Mobile Armor MAN-08 Elmeth / L-MES CUSTOM Atmospheric Flight Test Vehicle: many images, wip too, info and credits

From the Modeler:

I made this based on my fantasy of an Elmeth that can fly in the atmosphere. With the addition of movable wings and a large booster, I imagined it could fly freely in the atmosphere, so I gave it a villainous face.

Based on the old kit of Lalah Sune’s Mobile Armor (Elmeth), I mixed in some surplus parts, such as the booster, the leg parts of the Adzam, the mega particle cannon, and the rifle of the Wing Gundam. Both wings are scratch cut using plastic board.

A large booster is installed at the rear to increase mobility in the atmosphere.

A monoeye (HiQ part) is installed, and the face is made villainous.

The body is cut into both wings, and 30MM parts are used to make them movable.

Flying image. Instead of using a diorama, I shot this with an AI-generated cityscape as the background on a PC display.

It’s a cute, palm-sized aircraft.

I cut out the body and made both wings out of plastic sheet metal.

Temporary assembly. Both wings can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

This is my first attempt at making decals myself.

After thinking about where to store the bits, I decided to only put four on the inside of each wing.

It’s instantly cute once you spray on the primer.

Neodymium magnets are attached to each part, so you can separate the parts like this.

I tried shining a black light on it. The fluorescent clear paint was a bit messy.

Work by Kaki
@kakipchronicle on X
kaki_photograph on Instagram