Custom build HGUC RTX-440 Ground Assault Type Guntank

誠一’s Semi-Scratch build HGUC 1/144 RTX-440 Ground Assault Type Guntank: many images, info and credits

The RTX-440 Ground Assault Type Guntank is a ground heavy assault mobile suit, and is a descendant of the RX-75 Guntank. The unit is featured in the CGI anime Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO 2: The Gravity Front.

From the Modeler:

MS IGLOO 2 Gravity Front

I tried to create the Ground Assault Guntank, a machine that appeared in “Odessa, Storm of Steel!” that was unable to evolve.

A 56-barrel rocket launcher and MLRS are attached to the side with magnets.

Assault gun form.
Complete transformation possible without any parts replacement.

When transforming, the cylinder shaft that peeks out shrinks.

This is a scratch made using the hg Guntank.
The tracks and other parts of concern were remade later.

Although the transformation mechanism was completed, I had a hard time adjusting the landing point of the upper body.

It’s a primer

It’s a low-riding primer

Polycaps are installed on the main moving axis.

Work by 誠一