G-News: Play SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online (SEA region) Full Info (Instructions too), Video


Play SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online (SEA region) Full Info, Video

All About SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online:
From Mobile Suit Gundam and beyond, millions of fans have argued for their favorite Gundams, often to answer the question: Which Gundam is the most powerful? With SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online (SDGO), you have the opportunity to pit your favorite mobile suit (such as the Unicorn Gundam, OO Gundam, Wing Gundam, Freedom Gundam, Astray Red Frame, Aegis Gundam, and Gundam Ez8, just to name a few) against both players and computer AI to prove its dominance. Published by Shanda Games International, the gameplay and control of SDGO is very similar to other MMO favorites such as Dragon Nest.

Tiny Packaging
After you’ve launched the game, you are thrown directly into a tutorial.  NPCs educate you on various systems you will need in order to succeed.  Movement, dashing and basic combat skills are all covered in this tutorial, as well as a brief overview of weapon management and range.

Once you’ve completed the basic tutorial, you are sent to the capsule screen to spend Points (the game’s primary currency) to buy your first training SD Gundam.  This basic model is designed to be beginner friendly, and help you through the first few quests in the game. Because you are buying a capsule with a random SD Gundam inside, there is a tinge of mystery and excitement to guessing what you may or may not get inside.

Lobby Quest
After you’ve purchased your very own SD Gundam, complete with the capsule machine packaging, you’re deposited into a game lobby.  There is a quickplay option available; new players will want to check out the Quests button.  The pop-up window has various quests available, ranging from additional tutorials and single-player missions, to cooperative challenges, to player-versus-player combat achievements.  Each quest offers a reward, usually just Points; however, you can sometimes obtain additional SD Gundam units to use, making quests worthwhile to do.

Fighting in Another Dimension
Combat in SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online utilizes a Rock, Paper, Scissors model.  Melee units are strong against mid-range units, which are strong against long-range units, which are strong against melee units.  Each SD Gundam comes with three equipped weapons, plus a special move that shows off an impressive array of maneuvers and causes large burst damage.

Combat takes place on a completely 3D plane.  You can move your SD Gundam freely in any direction in an attempt to defeat every opponent.  Stages still have boundaries, but being fully three- dimensional adds a unique element to a genre mostly defined by ground movement.  While the game is hailed as a third-person shooter, there are many elements of brawler-style combat to be found, such as the action-style melee combat that requires spam-clicking buttons to defeat your enemies. However, most ranged weapons have a cooldown timer or are automatic in their approach.

The Path to Power
Each SD Gundam has a rank to indicate its prowess in combat.  Many of the powerful SD Gundams in the game have additional weapon loadouts that can be equipped beyond of the default, and some can even transform from a robot to a jet for additional versatility. The units also have additional skills to utilize, which can be pivotal in various battles.

In order to obtain additional SD Gundams, you must either complete quests that offer one as a reward, or use Points in the capsule machines (or gashapon). Each capsule machine has a chance for a rare SD Gundam, much more powerful than the standard model.

Crafting the Perfect Mech
You also have the option to create your own version of a SD Gundam using blueprints, purchased from either the cash shop or the points shop.  Each blueprint requires you to own a specific list of SD Gundams.  You can then custom build a mobile suit with parts from these SD Gundam lists for a truly unique SD Gundam experience.  Additionally, you can decorate your mobile suits by the use of paints and decals, which can be found randomly during missions or in the shops.

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online is a solid MMO game that does well to appeal to Gundam fans while adhering to the SD Gundam series.  Combat is simple on the surface, but requires tactical strategy to truly succeed. If you’re a Gundam fan, or the idea of fighting in a full 3D environment in a mobile-suit appeal to you, the chibi-style robots of SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online are waiting for you.

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