HGBD:R Mobile Doll May images and Video Review

screen from the video review of the Mobile Doll MayThe Mobile Doll May is a Gunpla that appears in the Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE series.

HGBD:R モビルドールメイ
Late January 2020 release – Price: 2,640

The Gunpla form of the EL-Diver May.
When battling in MS Mode, it primarily uses martial arts that focuses on dual wielding Hand Guns.
It is also equipped with Beam Shields that can be operated remotely.


Hand Gun
A pair of handheld beam guns, they are stored on the side of the thighs when not in use.

Beam Saber
A gauntlet-emitted beam blade is located on each forearm.

Beam Shield
Defensive device that project a plane of beam energy for shielding purposes. A pair are mounted on Mobile Doll May’s upper arms and can be operated remotely after being tossed.

box art of the Mobile Doll May full weapons of the Mobile Doll May various expressions of the Mobile Doll Maycheck out the video review here below

HGBD:R モビルドールメイ をうごかしてみた!