S.O.C. GX-113 Strongest Mobile Gundam Tryon 3

Soul of Chogokin GX-113 Strongest Mobile Gundam Tryon 3 will be released in November 2024. Many official images and full item description

最強機動 Gundam Tryon 3 (最強機動トライオン3, Saikyou Kidou Tryon , lit. Strongest Mobile Tryon 3) is a Gunpla introduced in Gundam Build Fighters Try and is based on the MSZ-010 ΖΖ Gundam. It is built and primarily piloted by Minato Sakai for Tendaiji Academy. A component of this Gunpla, the Umi Tryon, makes a brief cameo in Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE and is piloted by Mr. MS.

Product Description
The first in the Soul of Chogokin! Gundam series is here!

The ZZ Gundam-based 3-body combined mecha “Gundam Tryon 3” that appears in “Gundam Build Fighters Try” celebrating its 10th anniversary is a shocking lineup! Lion on the chest! 3-body combination! A machine with elements of super alloy scattered throughout it makes a spectacular debut as the first Gundam item in Soul of Chogokin! The 3-body combination is a complete transformation without replacement. Weapons and effects from other works are also reproduced. It also uses plated parts, and its appearance is just like super alloy!

Gundam Build Fighters Try Figure Soul of Chogokin GX-113 Strongest Mobile Gundam Tryon 3
Unexpectedly commercialized in Soul of Chogokin. Coloring reminiscent of Sunrise’s early works is fused with modern modeling!

Product Specifications
Height: Approx. 210mm

Materials: ABS, die-cast, PVC

Set Contents:
Main body
4 types of interchangeable wrist parts (left and right)
Weapon set
Effect set
Joint set
Base support set

Appears in: Gundam Build Fighters Try
Price: 39,600 yen (tax 10% included)

Sales method: General store sales
Reservation start date: June 3, 2024
Release date: November 2024