mask for hex camouflage released from HIQ Parts.
The price is 550 yen.
This time there are no size differences. English language review


The sheet is about the size of a postcard and contains the same 3 sheets.

The set has a large amount of blank space and is tightly laid out, so even one set was quite impressive.

It is cut into a beautiful hexagon because it is a sheet that can easily reproduce the hex camouflage.

The cut was accurate, and there was nothing particularly difficult to peel off from the mount.

The size of the hexagon is common, and one piece was about 4 mm.

There are various cut patterns, and there are various patterns from short ones to long ones.

There are also edging patterns that are cumbersome to cut with your own hands.

Of course, it is a masking tape, so you can cut it to your desired length and use it.

Of course, since it is a regular hexagon, it is easy to combine each pattern to create your favorite pattern.

It takes a lot of time to actually cut this yourself

This sheet will finish soon.

However, when sheets are placed next to each other, there are times when thin lines are inevitably created as in the image.

If you don’t want to add such a line, it is better to coat the border with masking sol.

I put it on the shoulder of HGUC Gundam.

In the case of a 1/144 size Gundam model that is not that big, it gives a slightly larger impression.

It seems to be good to use on large surfaces such as shields and large aircraft such as Doven Wolf and Sazabi.

I think that a plastic model with a certain size, such as MG or Hexa Gear, will fit well.

Since it is a pre-cut sheet, you can make a camouflage pattern with a highly accurate regular hexagon.

It is a cumbersome shape to cut by yourself, and there are also border type patterns

It was a convenient masking sheet that allows you to easily and easily create complex patterns.

Only free size is available.

Many thanks to schizophonic9 com for the review