P-Bandai FW GUNDAM CONVERGE:CORE Ghost Gundam Phantom Light Set Review

FW GUNDAM CONVERGE:CORE Review of Ghost Gundam Phantom Light Set.

Whole body.  The molding is almost the same as the # 19 Phantom Gundam, with some new masks and backpacks.

The main coloring is silver, and the impression has changed greatly.  The left eye has the green color of the Jupiter-type mono eye and is asymmetrical.

option.  A set of phantom light parts is included.

Also included are phantom light parts for the Phantom Gundam.

A pedestal for auxiliary phantom light is also included.

With Phantom Gundam.  Most of the modeling is the same, but the impression changes greatly due to the difference in color.

終わり。以上、FW GUNDAM CONVERGE:CORE ゴーストガンダム ファントムライトセットのレビューでした。




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