Review MGEX Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka (Unicorn Mode)

MGEX Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka (Unicorn Mode REVIEW)

First of all:

This so called “Master Grade Extreme” it has nothing of “extreme”.

Some recycled parts and some problems of emitting light not concentrated on that part.

“marks out of ten”

——- six ——- / gunjap /

Anyway here below there is the review:

MGEX Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka is a 1/100 scale model kit of the main character “RX-0 Unicorn Gundam” that appears in “Mobile Suit Gundam UC”. Reproduced by the new brand “MGEX”.

It is a kit that realizes the “structure” that has been calculated and the “light emission” expression by the new LED unit. The price is 25,300 yen (tax included).

Since it is a large volume kit, we will review it in two parts, Unicorn Mode and Destroy Mode. First of all, as the unicorn mode edition, we will introduce the details of each part of the unicorn mode and reviews of weapons, MS cage, etc.

13 years after MG Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka (hereinafter referred to as the old kit) released in December 2007, the new structure and built-in LED unit have realized the light emission effect such as NT-D and awake state “RX-0” “Unicorn Gundam” is a kit with a high-end brand. In addition to the transformation gimmick from Unicorn mode to Destroy mode, it is a kit that can reproduce the startup scene in the play by attaching the MS cage.

First, check the whole body in unicorn mode. The molding color is matte white on the exterior. Inside, the joints and internal frame are made of black molding color, and the psycho frame is made up of clear parts and clear white molding color parts, making the light emitting gimmick stand out.

KPS is used for the joints and internal parts, and ABS material is used for the clear parts of the internal psycho frame, and the joint strength is considerably high despite the fine parts composition. Independence is also stable.

Comes with an MS cage.

Some of the weapons (a part of the beam magnum and the entire beam gatling gun) are the old kit, and the parts other than the bottom plate of the MS gauge are diverted from MG Unicorn Gundam HD Color + MS CAGE, but the Unicorn Gundam body, pedestal, shield , Many parts such as the display stand for the shield are reproduced by new modeling.

Dedicated water slide decals are included. Not only the Unicorn Gundam body but also the markings for the cage are included.

A battery box stored in the pedestal of the MS cage. The shape is the same as the one attached to PG Unicorn Gundam and RG Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) Ver.TWC (LIGHTING MODEL) limited to Gundam Base.

Built-in flexible LED sheet. This is a light emitting circuit with a different shape from the FPC harness that comes with the RG Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) Ver.TWC (LIGHTING MODEL). Since the seat has a thin handle and can be easily bent, it can be moved without any effect when bending joints.

Before assembling the flexible LED sheet, fold each part and mold it in advance. (Refer to the instruction manual for how to fold)

A state in which only the flexible LED sheet emits light. The light emission expression changes each time the button is pressed. Before assembling, it is necessary to make sure that the LEDs of each part are emitting light properly. The connector to the shield LED is difficult to disconnect once it is fitted, so be careful not to damage it when disconnecting.

Internal frame. There are some parts that are joined by a white exterior, but the whole is composed of a psycho frame and internal parts. (Shoulder armor and lumbar armor are attached only to the right half.)

The internal structure of the backpack is not much different from the old kit.

Next, let’s look at each part while comparing it with the old kit.

Various figures included are the same from MG Unicorn Gundam HD Color + MS CAGE released in March 2010.

MS cage. It will be a powerful maintenance cage. Comes with 3 shield stands on the back.

The shield stand is removable. A LED connector is placed at the base to make various shields emit light.

The cage body will be diverted from MG Unicorn Gundam HD Color + MS CAGE. Each of the 6-stage arms has a different shape, and there are various types such as those for shoulder armor support and those with a gondola for maintenance.

The knots of each arm are designed to expand. The turning point is a poly cap connection.

The cage body is removable, and when removed, only the columns remain, and it can be used as a normal pedestal (display stand).

A battery box for LED light emission is stored on the back of the pedestal. Beam saber blades can also be stored on the left and right.

The angle and height of the strut can be freely changed by the stoppers of each part.

It is also possible to rotate the base, adjust the angle by rearranging the support parts, and change the arrangement by rearranging.

The LED sheet is built inside the column, but it has a structure that does not interfere with the movement.
The MS cage can be slid back and forth, and the weapon stand on the pedestal is exposed by moving it all the way forward.

When the Unicorn Gundam body is stored in the cage, you can store weapons. The shield wasn’t instructed to be stowed, but it could be leaned against by the accessory case. However, it may be difficult to paint because it is easy to rub.

The accessory case is removable, and you can store unused parts inside.

To mount on the support, insert it into the connector part between the rear armor and the support and the slide fixing part in the crotch part. The stanchion can be grounded again when standing in unicorn mode.

The switch of the battery box is exposed by opening the hatch in front of the pedestal. If you do not operate it, you can decorate it with a closed hatch.

Make the LED emit light. Even with the unicorn mode armor closed, it feels like light leaks through the gaps. Still, there is no sense of discomfort, and the vividness of the red LED stands out. The real thing is more vivid and beautiful than the image. The combination of parts on the head was bad, and the green LED was quite easy to leak from the gap.

When you make the whole body glow green, you can feel the goodness different from red. It’s hard to assemble, but when you see this brilliance, everything seems to be rewarded.

The forearm is designed so that the insertion part of the shield shaft emits light, so if you connect the shield, the psycho frame of the shield will also emit light.

That’s all for Unicorn Mode. It’s still half the review, but the volume of gimmicks and accessories is still amazing, and it’s a very playful kit. Although there are some restrictions, each part moves firmly so that it does not feel like it has a built-in flexible LED sheet, and the pose is expressed as expected. Unlike the PG, there is no exposed wiring, and the overall look is good.
The point to be worried about is that the direction of the shield could not be changed, so it was easy to interfere when holding the weapon with both hands. Also, when emitting light, I want to make only the eye shine in unicorn mode, but I wonder if it is a little worrisome that the light easily escapes from the gap in the head.
However, even if it is subtracted, the display on the cage and the vividness of the light emission are impressive, and the light emission expression that leaks through the gaps in the armor is very attractive.

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