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1/100 RX-78F00 Gundam ( Factory Yokohama Ver.) REVIEW

A kit with the motif of GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA’s full-scale Gundam by Premium Bandai.
1/144 and 1/100 were shipped at the same time, but this time I will introduce 1/100.
The price is 3,960 yen.

Accessories include beam rifle, shield, base, flat hand, right gun holder, stand joint,
It also comes with two saber blades.

Although it is a seal, the gray part of each armor is covered with a seal.
So the number is quite large.
After that, a marking sticker was attached.

A 1/100 scale kit of Gundam based on the full-scale Gundam of GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA.
It is a kit that is based on Gundam but has an arrangement.
Probably because of the Gundam that actually moves, the shoulders and elbows have a fairly unique design, and the ankles are also small.
In addition, the whole is engraved with fine details, making it a Gundam with a lot of details.

it has the same type of structure as RE / 100
The poly cap used is the same as RE / 100.
KPS is also used, but ABS is not used.
Since it is made in the same way as RE, it is a kit that is easy to assemble without a frame structure.

Regarding the colors:
the color scheme of the tricolor part that is typical of Gundam is reproduced exactly.
However, all the gray on the armor of the whole body is reproduced with stickers, not with parts division.
So if you want to paint, masking work seems to be difficult.

Head up.
The head is slightly smooth and the part is thick.
The Vulcan is made into a separate part, and the slits in the duct and mask are open.
The twin eye part was also color-coded by dividing the parts.

There are also details around the twin eyes and the main camera on the top of the head.
The neck is made of plastic parts and the collar and other details are included.

Body part.
There is no core fighter.
The abdomen is thin and has a sharp style.
Also here, there was a lot of detail without any gaps.

There are 4 vernier backpacks, all of which are separate parts.
There was also a mold inside the vernier.
The hole in the center is the shield connection hole.
The front armor of the shoulder armor opens as shown in the image.
The shoulder block has a columnar overhang and has a strange silhouette.

Although it is the arm part, it is a method of rolling with the columnar part on the elbow.

In addition, this time, a flat hand is also attached, and this is also a precise modeling.
When attaching a shield to the arm, remove the cover to expose the joint hole.

The shape of the helium core and waist armor on the waist has also changed to a slightly complicated line.
The V-shape on the waist is color-coded by dividing the parts.

All waist armor is movable. When you remove the cover on the back side, the connection joint with the base will appear.
The back side of the waist armor has lining parts on the front and sides.
The rear armor also has details.

Movable range etc. Since it is made in the same way as the RE series, it is simple but has a sufficient range of movement.
The shoulders do not go straight up, but they rise considerably and the neck and other parts move flexibly.
The front and back swing width of the shoulder is good enough.

The height and angle of the attached base cannot be adjusted, but it is a design that looks good on the main body.

Wrists, stand joints, and armor covers can be stored on the back.

A rifle and shield can also be set.

With the Gundam set.
Since it is firmly fixed by the waist joint, it will not come off unexpectedly.

However, the height and angle cannot be adjusted, so there are some places where it feels a little inconvenient.

Equipped with rifle and shield.

This time there is also a joint for action base, so if you use that, you can easily float it.
The joint also fit tightly and could not be easily removed.

Since the beam rifle is a simple division, there will be seams.
However, the yellow color of the scope is reproduced.

The back of the shield also has three-dimensional details, and the position of the grip parts can be selected from two places.

The beam saber is unusually two-tone.
The saber blade is a beam blade of a general size at 1/100.

Compared with MG Gundam Ver.3.0.
I think it’s easy to see how thin the abdomen is and how small the ankles are.
If this is a molding color, the gray parts scattered in various places are not reproduced.
If it is made into a kit with MG, I would like you to reproduce this area as well.

This is the 1/100 RX-78F00 Gundam review.
It is a full-scale Gundam motif, and the unique design of the moving parts is a highlight kit.
In addition, the details of each part are quite large, and the whole body is closely engraved with streaks.
Since the amount is quite large, it seems that likes and dislikes are divided
Since this kit is 1/100 size, the lines look relatively thin compared to 1/144, so it looks natural.
Grays scattered all over the body need to be reproduced with stickers or paint.
Even if you don’t make up for it, it will be a normal tricolor color, so it feels cool here.
The kit is made in the same way as RE, so it can be assembled quickly without stress, and it was easy to move and enjoy.

Rate: 7 gunjap

Images by schizophonic9 com