Review P-Bandai HG00 Gundam Plutone

HG00 1/144 Gundam Plutone review

The GNY-004 Gundam Plutone (aka Gundam Plutone, Plutone) is one of the four 2nd generation Gundams, and the predecessor of GNY-0042-874 Gundam Artemie, GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh and GN-005 Gundam Virtue. Featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 00P and Mobile Suit Gundam 00F, known pilots include Chall Acustica and Fon Spaak.

The Core Fighter is a small, transformable flight unit that contains the Plutone’s cockpit, a pair of clavicle antennae for manipulating dispersed GN Particles, and the GN Drive.
During emergency, the Core Fighter is ejected from the suit’s body and flies away from the combat zone.

The price is 2,420 yen (tax included). This item is limited to Premium Bandai.

Although it is a distinctive design, it looks good because it is color-coded appropriately even if it is unassembled, and I felt a sense of cleanliness as a whole despite the colorful color scheme. I thought that the GN particle supply cord on the back would also affect the movement, but when I actually posed it, there was almost no interference, and it was easy to move and pose.

There are few points to worry about, but since you can make seams in the details and the upper arm and shoulders of the polycap connection are a little easy to come off, you may feel a little weak when it gets worn out. However, regarding the seams, I think it is quite difficult to make the specifications so that there are no seams with this structure, and since it is a complicated structure, I think that it is enough to make it into a kit.

Armed items are also included, and the core fighter is well made, making it easy to play.


GN Beam Rifle
The Plutone uses a GN Beam Rifle as its main range weapon. Like the GNY-001 Gundam Astraea’s, Plutone’s GN Beam Rifle fires high energy GN Particles, and receives power from the suit via connecting to a forearm socket during use.
Has a sensor mounted below the rifle’s barrel.
Serves as the predecessor of Gundam Nadleeh’s GN Beam Rifle.

GN Beam Saber
While many countries were racing to create close combat weaponry with energy blade, Celestial Being had accomplished the feat through the use of GN Particles.
The GN Beam Saber’s cutting power is superior than the Union’s and AEU’s Sonic Blade as well as Plasma Sword.
Although the saber’s blade is made of pure energy, it can cross swords with solid blades as it incorporated technology that prevents repulsive diffusion of GN Particles.
A GN Beam Saber is stored in each of the Plutone’s knees, and slides out when deployed.
This storage method is inherited by Gundam Nadleeh.

GN Shield
Due to the GN Field’s heavy consumption of GN Particles, the Plutone cannot deploy it too frequently.
Thus, it also carries a GN Shield on its left forearm.
Made of E-Carbon, the shield is capable of blocking most physical and beam attacks. Serves as the predecessor of Gundam Nadleeh’s GN Shield.

Special Equipment & Features

Core Fighter
The Plutone is the first Gundam to be equipped with a Core Fighter – a small, transformable aircraft operable in the atmosphere and space.
It contains the Plutone’s cockpit, GN Drive, clavicle antennae and primary propulsion system.
As a result, it has the same level of GN Particles dispersal capabilities as a Gundam, and is also quite mobile and agile.
The unit’s black canopy contains a composite sensor, while the cockpit is located at the aircraft’s bottom.
To fit into the Plutone’s body, the Core Fighter folds into a block-like configuration.
During emergency, the Core Fighter exits from the Plutone’s back, and unfolds into an aircraft-like form and flies away from the combat zone.
The Core Fighter’s weakness is its lack of weaponry due to its small size.
Despite this, its name has the word ‘fighter’ as the development team had plans to arm it to ensure survivability during escape.
For unknown reasons, these plans are never realized and the Core Fighter is not equipped onto the 3rd generation Gundams, as it is perceived to have limited usability.
The concept evolves into the Gundam Nadleeh, with the Core Fighter making a return in the Innovators’ GNZ series of mobile suits as well as the GNW-20000 Arche Gundam.

GN Field
A characteristic ability of the Plutone is that it can deploy a visible, spherical GN Field that encases the entire Gundam, creating a 360 degree protective barrier.
This is unlike the invisible GN Field deployed on the surface of the 0 Gundam’s shield.
The GN Field is formed via GN Particles released from the GN Field generation devices located all over the Plutone’s body.
In light of safety concerns, early testing of the Plutone’s GN Field are conducted with the Core Fighter removed, and the suit is powered by GN Particles fed from an external source via cables.
These tests showed that the GN Field is more unstable than expected due to being easily affected by external conditions.
Thus, the use of this system is suspended as the engineers work on improving its stability.
Eventually, a perfected system is installed on the Gundam Virtue. Fon’s second Plutone can also generate a stable GN Field as it inherited the perfected system from the Gundam Plutone Black.

GN Composite Armor
Created as a backup plan for the GN Field, the GN Composite Armor consists of generating a GN Field in the limited space within the suit’s armor.
This design allows the generation of a stable GN Field, granting the suit high defensive capabilities, but it cannot protect exposed parts of the MS, like the sensors, etc.
When attacked, the outer layer of the GN Composite armor will be destroyed or damaged, but the GN Field will protect the inner armor layer.

Veda-linked Operating System
The operating system of the Gundams is linked to Veda, allowing the super computer to provide support to the Gundams and their pilots. Unknown what operating system is used in Fon’s second Plutone, which is converted from the Gundam Plutone Black.

Docking Port for Hanayo
When the Plutone is transferred to Fereshte, a docking port for Hanayo (a unique Haro-type robot) is fitted in the cockpit.
This allows Hanayo to assist Fereshte’s Gundam Meister, Fon Spaak, during missions.

Self-Destruct System
During the original Plutone’s last battle in 2307 AD, Gundam Meister 874 activated its self-destruction system to enable an injured Fon and her to escape from the battle with Team Trinity.
Plutone’s Core Fighter is ejected prior to the explosion.
It is unknown when this system is installed.

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