HG00 1/144 Tieren Custom: images, info

HG00 1/144 Tieren remodeled

From the modeler:

If it was a world where you could get a robot as if you were buying a car, regardless of the world of Gundam, I created it with a delusion of what to ride and how to use it.

I would like to ride the MS Tieren, which is my favorite design as a weapon, and live in a withdrawal camp on an uninhabited island or in the mountains. I do not want to work.

I made another head. Bael’s shoulder.

Deforestation blade:
If it is a beam saber, it will cause a fire, so it is a real sword.

I tried to make it look like a chainsaw. Painted in red so as not to lose it.

Cutting trees was really hard, and I realized when I was doing forestry …

Tieren Colleder
If you can’t catch a fish and it comes to your head, discharge it in the sea or river.
I live by selling fish and timber.

Mobile weapons like Front Mission…Armored Core feel.

I tried chipping. Difficult to adjust
But I have to experience it!
and now I’m just practicing.
Thank you

Work by ブッピ aka buppigan on Instagram