DYNACTION Evangelion Test Type-01 Review

(Review) Big scale and high posability: that’s what the new DYNACTION series is all about, and its first release is the Evangelion Test Type-01.

Standing an impressive 400mm, this is a truly immersive and dynamic action figure packed with visual informational detail. Created based on Tamashii Nations know-how, the large scale allows for all sorts of  features not seen in other portrayals: a mouth showing teeth and gums, newly visible markings, and other fine detailing.  [Set Contents] Main Body, 4 optional pairs of hands, Ikari Shinji figure, Optional shoulder armor, Pallet Rifle, Progressive Knife, Umbilical Cable, Stand, Optional antenna, Joint for stand.

Comparison images here in the review:

With the ROBOT Spirits and the first machine of metal build. The colors are quite different, but it feels like an expansion of the ROBOT Spirits.

Compared with the Metal Structure Nu Gundam. The scale is about 1/60 the same.

Rifle equipment. The size is large, but the movement is almost similar to the ROBOT Spirits, and it is possible to stand on the knees without difficulty.

This is the review of the first DYNACTION Evangelion.

Evangelion has been developing variously recently in line with the completion of the new movie version, but a new super huge series called DYNACTION has started.
Although it is a huge size with a total height of about 40 cm, it can be moved at a level comparable to the ROBOT Spirits, and the face, proportions, colors, etc. are almost as you imagined, and it is quite cool.
It doesn’t have the precision of a metal build, and because it’s a molded color, it has a certain texture, and although it looks like it’s just a bigger ROBOT Spirits, the price is kept down by that amount, so I want the first machine that is big and works well. I highly recommend it to anyone.

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