Review PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 Gundam part two

Introducing the second part of PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 Gundam Review

Hello everyone
Yoshio from Gundam Base Fukuoka
Continuing from last time
“PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 Gundam”
We have done “assembly”, “movement” and “structure”!
From here
PHASE04 rushes into the “exterior” !!
In PHASE04, we will finally install the main exterior of Gundam
First of all, the legs, the maintenance hatch is firmly divided
The exterior installation of the legs is complete! The soles of the feet are also color-coded
Vernier is molded in clear red
Next is the waist! This is also divided into various parts for the hatch opening
Next, attach the exterior of the body part
The chest duct can be moved by attaching fin parts one by one
We will attach exterior parts to the backpack, arms, and head in the same way
All exteriors have been installed
The main body of Gundam is completed

Now that the main body is complete, we will assemble the weapons next
First is the beam rifle
The beam rifle has a ball joint foregrip and a wide range of movement
In addition, the scope part has a double structure with plated parts inside clear yellow
Furthermore, the trigger can be moved by moving the knob
It is possible to reproduce when unarmed

Next is the shield
The back of the shield
It is possible to manually open and close the shutter part of the peephole
The connection parts with the arm are insert shaped with a built-in magnet
Unfold the arm exterior hatch to expose the metal parts built into the inner frame and connect them with a magnet
This magnet mechanism has achieved high holding power
In addition, the beam rifle can be mounted on the shield by pulling out the joint

Next is the core fighter
The missile hatch can be opened and closed, and the missiles are also color-coded
In addition, the cockpit canopy can be opened and closed
Furthermore, the landing gear can be expanded to reproduce the parked state
It can be transformed and can be combined inside the Gundam
You can also change the direction of the cockpit to the front

Next is Beam Saber
In addition to the prefabricated non-luminous saber, one with a built-in luminous gimmick is included
Two beam saber effects are included
The saber grip with built-in light emitting gimmick is included in the completed state
We will set the attached test pin type lithium battery (BR435) using the saber assembly jig
When the switch is turned on, it emits bright light
Also, if you turn on the switch with the light emitting saber attached to the backpack school bag
vernier glows

The internal design that maximizes the light guide efficiency has made this possible
Next, assemble the wrist parts for the weapon.
PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 For Gundam
Four types of fist, flat hand, beam rifle handle, beam saber & shield handle are included

There is a joint between the beam saber and the beam rifle, so you can hold it firmly
Also, with the luminous saber attached to the handle,
It is possible to switch the switch by sliding it lightly

Next is the LED unit for the body part
Attach an optional button battery (LR41 [2 pieces]) to the LED unit
When you switch it on, it shines brightly
Remove the head together with the neck unit and attach the LED unit
By quickly moving the blue cockpit hatch in and out, you can switch it on
The light emission pattern is a special specification only for PG UNLEASHED

Not only does the color change from yellow to red, but there are also emission patterns such as green, blue, and purple

All accessories have been assembled.
From here, we will attach metallic 3D stickers and Tetron stickers
PHASE04 completed

PHASE05 “Direction”

As you can see, the hatches of various parts can be opened and closed
Comparison of PHASE05 and PHASE04

With the highest movable performance in the history of Gunpla, you can hold both hands of the beam rifle
In addition, you can pose like the last shooter and crouch down

The ultimate Gunpla that has arrived 40 years after the birth of Gunpla!
“PERFECT GRADE UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 Gundam” Is now on sale !!!!