Amazing MG QUBELEY LaHaman improved

MG QUBELEY LaHaman remodeled work: images, full info

From the Modeler:

With the concept of “Practical use of Psycho Frame”, the Psycho Frame has been enlarged and exposed from various places.
Since it is a dedicated machine for Haman, it does not break the feminine form, sharpens the waist and extends the legs.
I made it with the image of “swan” from “butterfly”.
In order to improve athletic performance, Minovsky Craft was abolished and vernier was installed in various places.
There was an image of Haman standing dignified in the work, so I tried to make the figure stand.
Since it has a full psycho frame structure, I tried to express the power pipe and mechanical parts in my own way.
The funnel, which is synonymous with Qubeley, has been enlarged under the name of “Neo Funnel”, and its attack power and athletic performance have been dramatically improved.

Work by しんきち
aka: shinn41 on Twitter