HGUC Zu-DAIN custom built

Nice Custom Work: HGUC Zu-DAIN. Images and full info

From the Modeler:

I tried to brush up my favorite Zu-Dain because it was my strongest Gundam
As for the setting, while incorporating the designs of Zudah and Zudah F based on the Stein captured from Anaheim, we aimed to improve mobility and increase the firepower, and finished it as a special ms.
A backpack reminiscent of Zudah’s Saturn engine and Zudah F.
Features of Zudah? A leg (calf) vernier is also installed.
I think that most of the photos are taken from the right side, but this Zu-Daine is cool because the inside of the shield is shown from the left side.
It’s hard to understand, but the mono eye also glows depending on how the light hits it!
The mono eye is from HiQ Parts.
Grimgerde on the shoulders, Stein’s shoulders on the knees.
As for the shield, GM Striker is used as it is
Made it possible to equip two Sturm Faust inside.
The joint with the shoulder is made by processing the unused Stein’s knee to make it look like it. I wanted to have a long hand, so I diverted it from MG Astray.
The backpack is based on EZSR and uses Titus shoulders and a slightly larger vernier.
Weapon removes Stein’s (Narrative Stein) muzzle and uses GM Striker’s Twin Beam Spear to make a long weapon
Thank you for watching till the end

Work by サトゥー
aka: Anavel_sato on Twitter