MG Hi-Nu Gundam hologram custom

MG Hologram Hi-Nu Gundam custom build: info, images

From the Modeler:

The concept is “Gundam model expression that no one has seen”
Taking advantage of the limited clear version of Hi-ν Gundam, it is finished with semi-painting and semi-illumination.
The painted half is the original splitter camouflage, and the illuminated half is a hologram-like expression.
I made a splitter camouflage with a blue base compliant with the HG version.
For the base, I made my own battle-based pattern of Build Fighters using Bandai’s action base.

On the other side of the illumination, blue LEDs are installed at key points inside, and light is conducted through the clear parts, aiming for a hologram-like atmosphere.

You can clearly see the design that imitates the wings, which is a feature of Hi-ν Gundam.
HWS parts are also produced this time. I would like to disclose the wearing state at the next opportunity.
The upper body is half-painted. Almost unmodified, some round parts are replaced with metal to accentuate it.

This is a fin funnel. The decals are arranged and pasted from the ones included in the kit.

The light circulated well on the edge of the clear parts and the C surface in the illumination test.

It is a single base. Easy to make with Bandai Action Base and DAISO LED lamps.

Work by せんざき
aka: senzakipetao on Twitter