HGUC V2 Assault Buster Gundam improved

(Remodeling) HGUC V2 Assault Buster Gundam Ver. MO Images, info

From the Modeler:

I tried to make the HG Assault Buster as close to the setting as possible.

Probably because it is HG, this kit is three-dimensionalized with various parts omitted or interpretation different from the setting. The main part of this work is to review how to connect the Assault / Buster Pack.

The part that I made with particular attention is the backpack of this buster pack.
Originally, Minovsky drive grew from here.

The other is the arm beam shield generator.

The body is almost hidden, but this time I made it with no omissions so that I can play together completely. White is also painted using two colors.

buster form. Personally, I like it smartly.
In addition to the prominent hangover cannon, each part has a micro missile pod.

assault form.
Some parts such as waist armor are reproduced with replacement type.

The last is the Assault Buster form.
I’m making a shock with all of them, and I’m also making a weapon holder on the left, so it’s in full armor.

The back of the additional armor is filled with epopate.

Mega beam rifle repair.
It is engraved so that the beam shield generator can be connected. I also adjusted the grip position.

The connection method for Mega Beam Shield has also been changed. After this image, I carved the center so that the beam generator alone could be held.
This is also a method of changing the grip and holding it with the opposite hand.

The position of the hangover cannon is being adjusted.
I’m trying to cover the Minovsky drive unit.

Compared to the original kit, the difference is obvious.

Work by mechaoyaji