RG Blue Dragon “Azur Drago Gundam”

Custom build RG Banshee: Blue Dragon “Azur Drago Gundam” images, info

White unicorn … Black lion … Golden phoenix …
The fourth beast that follows …
Blue Dragon … “Azur Drago Gundam”

A MS equipped with Armed Armor DF (DragonFang) and FF (Finfunnel) that exists only to destroy the runaway psycho scene.
Equipped with an anti-ship sword that penetrates even the I field

Shield deployment

In Unicorn mode, Armed Armor DF attacks by expanding and contracting the arm
When NT-D is activated, it will be separated as a Fang Bit and attack Psycommu
It can also be transformed into unicorn mode

The figure seen from behind is like a blue dragon with its wings spread.
I transplanted Gundam Nataku’s DragonFang and ears

Work by: ル・クルーゼ
Here below his Twitter account