HGUC GM Ex-Quel custom

Custom build: HGUC GM Ex-Quel images and info

From the Modeler:

If there was a MS that would fill the gap between Quel and Jesta …
I created it with such an AOZ-like idea.
I tried the dry brush for the first time.

Shoulder armor thruster
Shield holding with sub arm from backpack
Massive silhouette with additional equipment
These three give an atmosphere close to Jesta.

I missed the opposite of the shield arm, so I made a sensor with appropriate parts.
The whole is balanced.
Additional armed 90mm cannon

Since Quel’s main task is to suppress the Zeon remnants in the city, it is adopted based on the operational data of NT-1 Alex. Equipment designed for environments where the use of beam rifles is restricted.

With the addition of the Alex element, it’s an “EX” quel.

You can move the arm and use the reinforced shield booster in a cruise form.

The effect was as designed, such as extending the cruising range, but the shield arm could not withstand the thrust and troubles occurred frequently. The booster feature has been removed in Jesta

Diffuse beam cannon is effective for interception. Its usefulness was also noted when designing the Jesta. However, the shield was equipped with a low-cost missile that could be shared with Jegan.
Depending on the operation, it was sometimes equipped with a bullpup machine gun.

Replaced the rod antenna with aluminum wire. This is also the first challenge element.

Before painting
The body of Primrose is too strong as it is, so I cut a part to reduce the lines

After painting
It was beautiful like this at the time of rollout.
The dry brush is silver and black.
I would like to continue using it as brush-painted ara will be less noticeable.

Work by 絢爛
aka: SDFCCno_okage (Twitter account)