Psycommu high mobility test Zaku full improved

Vintage kit Psycommu high mobility test Zaku full improved: images, full info

From the Modeler:

The basic work is done, and the overall proportions are corrected by chopping the head, stretching the waist and legs. The hand is semi-scratch. The power pipe has been incorporated into the key design. Blurred paint that emphasizes the main color to the very edge is applied to the entire surface.

The panel line is added to the minimum by making the best use of the kit. The leg cylinder is made of plated silver NEXT to give it a texture. The vernier has a double structure. Emphasis on realistic texture. The head mono eye has been changed to a third party part to pick up light. Movable up, left and right by biaxial
Minimal detail added so as not to spoil the existing kit design

Work by studiorihito (Instagram account)
aka: Rihitoon (Twitter account)