MG Gundam Exia Revenge Repair custom

Custom build MG Gundam Exia Revenge Repair: full images and full info from the modeler

From the Modeler:

The arms, legs, and neck have been extended to give an overall sleek impression.
It is named Revenge Repair because it is not a repair numbering but a revenge remodeling two years ago.
I made it as Exia with the desire to remodel it flashy as a whole, but I apologize for the fact that only the shield has become rough.
The equipment part on the waist of GN Blade is decided to be quite smart and is my favorite part this time.

As for the shield, the MG shield is expanded by the sandwich method with the HG shield and the GN short blade to expand the GN field range.

I wanted to feel like a knight pulling a sword out of a shield.

The GN Sword is one of my favorite equipments.
I think this Gundam Exia is also attractive because it makes you want to pose with weapons in both hands.

I gave you a make-up that makes your eyes look crisp.

I was planning to extend the limbs, so I widened the chest a little for better balance.
shoulders were a little rough.
Just a little.

Heel processing is applied to the legs, and a little processing is added to the joint part so that you can take a straight and beautiful pose.

The shield is … yes … rough.

The style is much better than the unassembled one.
I am generally satisfied.
I put it side by side with the Exia I made two years ago.

Thank you for watching till the end!

Work by 山氏
aka: yamasi0628 (Twitter account)
Or: yamasi_mg (on instragram)