RG Sword Impulse Gundam type Rengoku custom

Custom build RG Sword Impulse Gundam type Rengoku: images, modeler’s info

From the Modeler:

Impressed by the movie version of DEMON SLAYER “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, we created this MS dedicated to Purgatory Anjuro!
Purgatory’s synonymous cloak is transplanted from Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth
The flame effect was borrowed from Kamiki Burning
Anti-ship sword dual wield style

Sword impulse deciding pose

Reproduce the characteristic hairstyle with Wing Gundam ears on the head

Breathing of flames Type 2 “Rising hot weather!”
If Purgatory gets on this MS, he won’t lose to the constellation.

Work by ル・クルーゼ
Here below his Twitter account