MG MS-07B Gouf M’Quve Custom

Good paint job! MG MS-07B Gouf M’Quve Custom. Info images from the modeler

The MS-07B Gouf M’Quve Custom is a variant of the MS-07 Gouf featured in Mobile Suit Variations.

One customized unit was assigned to Colonel M’Quve, which was painted in a two-tone baby blue on royal blue color schemes with ornate gold engravings and trim all over its frame. The head of M’Quve’s Gouf also features a custom spearhead-like commander antenna in place of the usual Zeon’s arrow-style antenna.

From the Modeler:

Premium Bandai Gouf for M’Quve, which I want to get closer to glossy, is finished with candy paint and crystal color. I took about 100 photos myself, but the one my son took carelessly was adopted as the top

EX Black (G)> EX Silver (G) 2-3 times Clear Blue (G), Clear Purple 1 time. The violet color has no lacquer, so I set Eva Purple Gray (G) to 1 for Pure White (G) 4 and added a few drops of color source cyan to make this color. I overcoated it with crystal color sapphire blue (C).

In a box painting style. If you paint the heat rods separately, they will have a mottled pattern.

It’s hard to see in the photo, but the reflection of sapphire blue light is quite good.
I’m doing my best on the groundwork, and even if I don’t have the technology, I’m spending a lot of time and effort. .. For the time being, I started sharpening it, but it was almost the same as before sharpening, with a bitter smile.
The mono eye is SP plate 3mm + VC dome. M’Quve’s personal mark, that character’s round letters. ..

The backpack is mechanically suffocated, but the Engle fits unexpectedly. My hands were pulling to stick it symmetrically. Excuse me for the stain on some parts of the paint.

this time I sharpened the saber with the compound without skipping the weapon.

I did my best and pasted the engle. I was pretty scared, but I wondered if it worked better than I expected. (It wasn’t that difficult) However, it gets a lot of dust.

Thank you for watching until the end

Work by: alcdream