HG Grimoire Alien Striker custom

Custom Build HG Grimoire Alien Striker: full info, images, wip

From the Modeler:

Equipped with food and drinking water for two convenience stores and fuel, it will follow the harsh route of aliens and aim for the goal that the friendly forces are waiting for. Can you survive! ??
All containers
And drums can be removed with a 3mm shaft connection.
The backpack carrier was made from a runner.
I wanted a shovel with this kind of equipment, so I made it with a plastic board and a runner. I used the machete as it is because the 30MM blade was cool.
When I matched the color of the submachine gun to the main body, it became a nerf.
The rebel mark on the right shoulder was handwritten.

Smart Gun → Alien 2 → Predator → Star Wars → Rebel Color
Long-term battle equipment → Supply supplies → Supply equipment → Boss Borot
The idea flew away like this, but when I saw this two weeks ago, I could say “I’m really stupid”, and I only have the impression “Why do you do this?”

Work by: hagechan
aka: Jmy23www (Twitter account)