PB MG Gundam F90 unit 2 review

This is the review of P-Bandai MG Gundam F90 Unit 2

Gundam F90 unit 2 is a kit following MG F90 and F90 II.
The price is 4,400 yen and it can be ordered by Premium Bandai.
The instruction manual is the same as F90, and one black and white paper supplementing markings and color recipes was added.
This time it is the color variation of Unit 1, so there is no difference other than the molding color.
The purple and white coloring has a very fresh impression and looks different from the first unit.
However, this time, the amount of foil stickers has increased because some of the shields and other parts are designed to supplement the color coding with stickers.
Of course, you can use all the packs that are sold in large numbers, so I think it’s fun to choose your favorite combination.

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