HGUC Haze’n-thley Icarus II Custom

Mixing build HGUC TR-1 Haze’n-thley Icarus II Unit: many images, full info

From the Modeler:

The TR-1 Haze’n-thley is equipped with equipment that imitates the Icarus unit.
A paper plan that takes the plan of forcibly flying alone in the atmosphere by thrusting the excess output one step further.
Fly freely in the atmosphere with great thrust.
I started to think that if Icarus was worn on Haze’n-thley, it would look good.
Also mix the Gundam frame to change the style.
The Ahab reactor is also twin-engined and has an excessive output.
Connect Gaplant’s main thruster to the side armor Hrududu II.
Shield and counter thruster on the sub arm of TR-6.
I hope the silhouette with all of them will look like Penelope.
From the side.
The rear armor is equipped with Byarlant’s rear thruster, but I can’t see it from the side …
Beam saber for fighting on the shoulder and behind the front shield that can be reached even with the sub arm.
The last is temporary assembly before painting.
Thank you for watching until the end

Work by: ピヨあき
aka: kimihito4 on Twitter