HGUC Haze’n-Thley custom

Remodeling HGUC Gundam TR-1 Haze’n-Thley: images, full info and credits

I remodeled TR-1 Haze’n-Thley.
High mobility & high firepower modification.
The grip of the Mega Launcher of System Weapon is modified and held.
The beam cannon on the shoulder interferes with the tri-booster, so I’m wearing a winch cannon instead. The arm is brought from the striker gn-x.
The forearm has been changed to that of TR-6. The lumbar sub-arm is not the one included in the kit, but a modified version of the TR-6’s arm. (At this point, two TR-6s are used …) It can be deployed by replacing parts.
The beam rifle is fixed to the legs. (Because I want to attach the E pack to the waist side armor)
The tri booster was not modified.
The deployed state of the chest beam cannon is replaced.
Missile equipment inside the arm strengthening parts.
4 sword style & winch cannon deployment

Gray No. 9 (Creos)
Monza Red (Creos) (chest, etc.)
MEPHISTON RED (fingertips)
Shine red + orange + red brown (creos)
Gray joints, etc.
No.37 Gray Violet (Creos)
Weapon dark gray
No.37 Gray Violet + Black (Creos)

Work by クルトン
@kari_kari_cube on Twitter