Custom build HGUC Gundam MK-II type F

HGUC Gundam MK-II type F proximity specialized specification custom: images, info

From the Modeler:

The whole body is covered with plastic chips, decals, and inking.
In addition, the dagger, large sword, and cannon on the arm are gradation in metal blue.
The frame is basically silver, and the pipes and joints are gold.
The inside of the thruster uses metallic blue.
Gold: pipes, joints
Metallic Blue: Inside Vernier, Weapon Gradient
Light blue: Knuckle guard, ankle, etc.
Sky Blue: Exterior Parts Splitter Camouflage
Blue: Exterior parts splitter camouflage
Fluorescent green: plastic chip
Herman Red: Cockpit, legs, plastic chips, etc.
Top coat, gloss: coating film protection
Topcoat, matte: coating protection

This is a photo of the head antenna cut with nippers and replaced with brass wire.
If you have a pin vise and a brass wire, you can easily do it, and it is recommended because it will improve the details.
This time, I used a brass wire with a diameter of 0.5 mm, but since I will also paint the brass wire, I made a hole with a 0.7 mm pin vise in consideration of the amount of paint film.
Splitter camouflage is a linear camouflage that is often used in fighters.
Cut the masking tape with a design knife, cut it into triangles, etc., and paint with it, so it’s easy and straight camouflage, so it looks crisp.

Work by: ふぁるこん
aka: jyasss2222 on Twitter