1/72 Mechanic Model Gundam remodeled

Vintage 1/72 Mechanic Model Gundam remodeled. Images, info

From the Modeler:

This is the mechanic model Gundam.
This is a childhood admiration kit that I saw my neighbor’s older brother have only once.
This time as well, I made it mainly by adjusting the shoulder width and leg angle, which are the standard of the old kit.
I think it is unbalanced to say that the exterior is anime-like but the interior is rather real, so the internal mechanism is unmodified.
The back that disappears when completed.
Amuro is also painted separately.
I tried to paint the pedestal with marble.
The following is the manufacturing process.
Bandai’s stylish surprise (not) that the instruction manual of Char’s Zaku of the same mechanic model is included.
First, the internal mechanism. I didn’t seem to come to the place where I could see the seams and gate marks, so I painted the basic colors in the runner state.
Gaia’s Evosaf Silver It was a nice color to apply, so I finished it as it was without overcoating.
The torso has a cut shoulder width and extends 3 mm up and down at the abdomen. Changed so that the line under the chest duct goes down to the outside.
The arm is extended with the upper arm. A horizontal rotation axis has been added so that the standing figure can be tightened.
The shape of the head remains the same, but the eyes of the exterior are not transparent even though the internal mechanism emits light, so I hollowed it out and poured a yellow UV resin to clear it.
Comparison between before and after.
The shape of the lower body has not changed at all.
Only change the mounting angle of the legs, which are originally fixed.
Assembly completed.
Almost no modification except for the fuselage with only slight adjustments. I think it is one of the best modeling in the old Kit Gundam.
Although not made this time, the exterior of the mechanical exposed part is also attached.
Only the face needs to be adjusted because the mask part is horizontally long for the convenience of division, but it seems to be cool even if it is glued and finished as a fixed display model

Work by: ナカシー
Nakashy1975 (Twitter account)