Gundam Gusion Origin custom

Amazing custom build Gundam Gusion Origin: images, work in progress, info

From the Modeler:

That person, in the name of the devil
That person is a barking beast
He is that person, the unrivaled warrior god
Gundam Gusion Origin
This time, I made it with the image of Gusion during the disaster war era.
Speaking of disaster battles, it’s a MA battle, so the limbs and chest are made larger so that you can have the strength to fight against huge enemies.
The origin, origin, origin, and such words are also designed to give a primitive beast feeling as a whole.
Can the tailaxe move freely with aluminum wire and expand and contract freely with replacement parts? I made it.
While the tail blade of Lupus Rex pokes the individual with a point, this one is made with a setting that squeezes the collection with a circle, so the wire part is also aggressively decorated.
When shrunk, it looks like a bone tail.
This is the shrunk pattern. (See above the pic)
I hope it looks like a bone.
The pilot imagines a warrior who has been in battle without permission.
The weapon is Gun Mace.
It has a muzzle at the tip, but the pilot said, “I don’t need a long-range weapon,” and the bullet wasn’t fired until the end …
A wide viewing angle is secured with the twin eyes and the main camera in front.
In the center of the back, I put a detail reminiscent of the spine extending from the neck to give it an affinity with the bones of the tail ax.
Before and after.
I made it a little stooped to give it a beasty feel.
The neck, torso, hands, and legs are all extended, and the overall height is about 2 cm.
I think that the base width at the base of the foot has been widened a little, giving it a solid strength.
I have reduced the number of junk parts, prohibited putty, and improved the details in an effort to improve plastic board work technology.
I focused on filling the space and giving it meaning.
It looks like this with just the frame.
It looks like a third apostle.
The main body is completed.
It’s a version with a shrunken tail.
That’s it.
Speaking of the origin of the Gundam frame series, various considerations have come out, and I thought that it was a slightly contraindicated theme, but I made it with my own interpretation.
Thank you for watching till the end

Work by: 山氏
aka: yamasi0628 on Twitter
on instagram: yamasi_mg