HGUC Xi Gundam improved

Improved HGUC Xi Gundam splinter camo: images, info

I made Ξ Gundam with splinter camouflage. The dark blue of the blue camouflage is Gaia’s cobalt violet. Light blue is a toning of cobalt violet and million blue at a ratio of about 3: 7. The white camouflage is Suff’s gray as it is and Gaia’s steel white.
Wash the whole body with weathering color violet instead of inking. It was beautiful and nice.
I felt it was tight vertically, so I sandwiched the plastic plate and stretched it 2 mm at the waist and 4 mm at the base of the thigh.
Being the original face and pattern have become dragon-like, the dragon mark of Vertex One Point Decal has been added to the right shoulder, shield, and left knee.
It is not possible to add streaks, so instead add a large amount of information with a large amount of decals. Mix the remainder of hiq parts, Vertex, Gundam decals, and kit decals as appropriate.
Introducing the C-shaped caution mark that was not used in FAZZ ver ka and Wing Zero ver ka.
The C-shaped mark on the inside of the ankle is a favorite point
.. 10mm and 12mm hiq metal vernier painted with outer star bright iron and inner clear red
Wings are painted separately with Gaia Flame Red

Work by @makkinobo (Twitter account)