Remodeled HGUC 1/144 Xi Gundam

HGUC 1/144 RX-105 Xi Gundam (novel cover image ver) remodeled and improved: images, info

HGUC Ξ Gundam (novel cover image ver). Modifications include sharpening the antenna, downsizing the antenna on the chest, changing the wrist position and downsizing the hand, extending the waist, and reproducing the MS color on the cover.

In addition to the color, the hands are smaller, so the image of the movie version has faded. There is no character for the face, so I think it can be differentiated from the game version.

flight form

It’s hard to see the putt by raising the waist position, but the overall balance has changed a little.

I fused the novel cover coloring and ver.ka style decals and tried to pose for the cover.

In order to balance the miniaturized hands, I extended the waist by about 4mm and raised the position of the upper body.

It’s a Gundam, but since the fingers are rounded on the cover of the novel, I used a Zeon-based emotion manipulator to match the image.

I made my own wrist, connected it to the frame, and attached an emotion manipulator.

The antenna on the chest has been sculpted with details to make it smaller and painted in the same color as the cover of the novel.

Work by ver.ko