HGBD:R Holy Knight Gundam Aegis Knight custom

Mixing build HGBD:R Holy Knight Gundam Aegis Knight: images, info

After all the battles are over
Originally made to fight with everyone’s power
I made Aegis Knight with the setting that Kazami remodeled it to fight with one person’s power
I think there is one side like the real mode of Knight Gundam
I attached wings to match the sacred knight
left arm is equipped with Seven Sword Shield
Expanding the gimmick will generate a barrier field
In fact, Kazami is influenced by Captain Zeon,
It is a setting that is attached against the Zeonic Sword
sword of fire:
Not a real sword
A mysterious power that I don’t understand
I’m going to call it a sword of fire
I don’t have a shooting weapon
It is a setting to attack with a shock wave that swings a basic sword
Build divers decals are made and pasted by myself
The body was processed and attached so as to attach the hiν parts.
The head was cut only in the front half and transplanted with Wing Zero flame.
The armor on the shoulder is attached with a magnet

Work by あぬびすん @anubisnn on Twitter