MG Gundam Mark V custom build

Custom build MG Gundam Mark V urban camo: images, info

I want to make the latest MG, so I buy it on impulse …
I thought it was a design that didn’t look like Gundam, so I made it into a camouflage to make it even less poppy.
I wanted to keep the shape of the head and the area around the shoulders simple, so I played with it a little.
The proportions are cool, and it’s easy to assemble, and the plastic model is evolving day by day.
The missile has a sober color. I wondered if it would be noticeably avoidable if it was red. Somehow, I attached it to the backpack instead of the shoulder.
As for the armament, Kotobukiya’s ones were decorated with plastic boards and LEGO blocks. The characteristic shield seems to match the image a little, so I replaced it with a unicorn Gatling.
Hmmm, I wondered if the camouflage pattern should have been a little rougher (it looks like a child’s pajamas …), but I was able to make it for some reason.

Work by @kotetsu_mikami (Twitter account)