HGUC Crossbone Gundam X-0 Full Cloth Review

This is the P-Bandai HGUC Crossbone Gundam X-0 Full Cloth Review

Following the normal X-0, the X-0 full cloth has also been made into a kit.
This is an order made by Premium Bandai and the price is 2,750 yen.
Accessories are Butterfly Buster B, Butterfly Buster ✕ 2, Buster Gun, Peacock,
Beam Zanber, Core Fighter Unit, Buster Gun Handle, Zan Buster Handle,
Scissor anchor, 2 types of heat dagger ✕ 2, face open parts,
It also comes with various beam effects and two beam sabers.
There are also Muramasa Blaster and Peacock Smasher.
There are a large number of stickers that complement the color coding.
In addition to the main body, it supplements the full cloth thruster and red line.
Surplus parts.
Since the full cloth has X-0 specifications, there are surplus parts such as X1 specifications.
However, the X1 does not have an antenna, so it cannot be assembled.

This time it is a kit with a full cloth attached to the previously released X-0.
Full cloth is a diversion from X1, but the subtle differences on the surface were reproduced with new parts.
However, since the making itself is the same, the thrusters and other colors are not enough, and it is necessary to supplement with stickers and paint to reproduce it exactly.
Originally it was a crossbone kit with luxurious armament, but this time it is a top class amount
In addition to the common armament of Crossbone type, there are no X1 full cloth beam shield and brand marker, but two types of butterfly buster,
There is a huge amount of peacocks and even Muramasa Blaster & Peacock Smasher that you can assemble as you like.
It’s a kit that you can play insanely, although there are some places that are a little difficult to move because the full cloth interferes.

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