Amuro’s mobile worker

Amuro’s mobile worker custom: images, info

I tried to make Gundam Gusion a mobile worker.
A unique MS, Gusion, linked to a working mobile worker in the brain
I tried to board Amuro by saying that it is a mobile suit of Gundam frame
I changed it to a hand arm with a little modification, and carried the power source of the sub on the back
I also left the head of Gusion
It is basically a work mecha, but it is equipped with a large federal cannon just in case of an emergency.
I arranged the instruments and operation bar in the image of the boarding cockpit of an aircraft
I hollowed out the inside and borrowed a work arm from Haro Loader.
The series I wore, basically the MS is still in the molded color, but I modified the life-sized Amuro’s boarding cockpit and shoulders to make it look like a worker MS
As usual, the tone is blurred to make it darker weathering so that Amuro does not float.
Mounted cannon, too close to the cockpit

Work by 中光國男
kunionakamitsu on Instagram