MG Kampfer remodeled

MG 1/100 Kampfer improved: images, info

I modified various things to make it feel more massive.
I like the gold color where I mainly painted blue and gray.
I also like the back view.
One of the attractions of Kampfer is the large number of weapons. I was also particular about the different colors of the weapons and the gradation of the beam saber effect.
Since the timing of the arms, legs, and head has been shifted, it seems that the feeling of dashing has come out compared to the left unassembled.
When I assembled it, I felt that the head was popping, so I put the base of the neck forward. Originally, the base of the neck was rooted in a position like the mechanical part. The mechanical part used the inner frame of the head of MG Zaku II ver.1.0.
The base of the foot is moving upward at a slight angle.
The base of the arm is extended by about 1 mm. I have a hole in the black circle.
It disappears when assembled, but the pilot is also painted. The power pipe at the waist is replaced with a spring.

Work by Nobakko
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