HGUC Gundam TR-6 HAZEL Ⅱ “yellowline”

HGUC RX-124 GUNDAM TR-6 HAZEL Ⅱ “yellowline” custom: images, info

I tried to repaint the AOZ MS coloring with the concept of “If it remains the initial T3 color without change …”.
The original yellow line was added with reference to the initial color TR-1 Hazel. I changed it to purple to give it a heroic look, just like the grayish darkness of the initial color.
I didn’t get the AOZ decal during the production, so I painted the “TR” marking.
I think I was able to achieve a good balance during MA.

An original form that is well-balanced and I like.

How to put the line During trial and error. After that, it was peeled off and taken into Ai, and the cutting sheet was used as masking and painted.

“TR” marking is being put in by masking the cutting sheet.

Original kit comparison.

C-shaped cuts are used to erase the joints of the legs.

Work by @kaz45904769 on Twitter